Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Good things coming my way these last few months of 2011!!!

Despite this being the most challenging year of my life emotionally; with Garry and Andrew, and having been on a crash course for “long distance is a bitch/ assholes will always be assholes/5 new ways to get your heartbroken”, I think I will come out fine. I will have battle scars and painful memories but really, that’s the case when you survive a war. I am still far from leaving the war but I’m approaching its end, where the winner surely will be me, but even this is not a guarantee. Nonetheless, I will come out fine.

It is not a war I can evade but one that was placed on the path of my destiny.

I hope to make peace with Garry and I have been trying to reach him with no avail these past few days.

And with Andrew, weeeeeeeeeeelll I like the Kid. I wanna be with him.

Still!!! Good things coming my way these last few months of 2011- in other areas of my life!

And lastly, there has been a SECURITY BREECH with my blog. Some friend of mine who’s always known about my blog told her friend who’s a girl who used to sleep and fling with Daisy’s ex man (during their relationship with D. Go figure). the girl told Daisy's ex man,the ex man told D about it and she told me.

So should I continue blogging about my quest for happiness, health and wealth on here if everything I write will soon become public knowledge??? I dunno.

This could be the last time ya’ll hear from me.

It’s been real tho and I truly, truly love ya’ll. Appreciate the support!

Peace and Love
Purple :*


  1. so now since i never get to see you and this is how i catch up with you, what do you propose???

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  3. as ur biggest fan,i implore u,i beg u,i beseech u not to stop blogging.
    the big mouthed bitch can go and shove a shoe up her orifice

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  5. Muthoni

    Kindly Fuck off.

    Best Regards